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Spring Yard Maintenance and Cleaning

Springtime is here and spring cleaning is in full swing. Not only do the insides of our homes need inspection and cleaning, but our yards can also use some special spring cleaning. Here are some key yard spring cleaning chores:

  1. Cleaning up flower beds – Sometimes that first snow comes earlier than we expected and we didn’t get a chance to trim down or clean up our flower and plant beds. Now is the time. Before you know it, you’ll start to see new shoots peeking out of the soil and ready to grow. Clearing out the dead leaves and plants will help these new plants grow.
  2. Trim and split perennials – To allow for new growth of grasses, we would recommend that you trim them back to 2-3 inches. Now is the time to also look at your perennials, like your hostas, lilies, and irises and determine if it is time to divide or split them. These are great gift for neighbors who have commented on how nice your flowers are.
  3. Lawn edging – before you mulch around your trees and in your flower beds, take time to edge your lawn around your trees. This will create a clean landscaped look.
  4. Mailbox painting – how does your mailbox look? Could it use a fresh coat of paint?
  5. Fence – Is it time to Tom Sawyer your fence with a new coat of paint? First try cleaning it up with 2 gallons of water, 2 quarts of bleach and 1 cup of liquid soap.